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VW and Audi Repairs, Service and Diagnostics

As a VW/Audi owner, you know that you are in a class of your own and not just any mechanic can work on your vehicle. You need a technician with all the right tools to be able to handle all of your needs from specific VW/Audi diagnostics to identify what you need, VW/Audi repair to get you back on the road fast, and VW/Audi service to keep you on the road safely. Conveniently located on Tyrone Blvd in St. Petersburg Florida, Tiger is your local VW/Audi repair shop with all the right tools for the job and the experience to keep your VW/Audi running at its best.

Audi Repair, Audi Service, Audi Diagnostics

VW / Audi Repair

In St. Petersburg, VW/Audi repair has never been so convenient. Our full service machine shop and highly qualified mechanics & technicians will get your VW/Audi repair work done with the same quality that you would expect from the dealership. At Tiger, auto repair for VW/Audi cars and SUV’s is one of our specialties. From brakes to transmission, air conditioning and heating to exhaust and engine repair, we have can help you with any VW/Audi repair that you may need.

VW / Audi Service

Did you know that you don’t always have to go to the dealership to get your VW/Audi service completed by experienced technicians? It’s true! At Tiger, VW/Audi service is a snap. Oil changes, tire rotation, checking fluid levels, any type of VW/Audi service that you may need – we can provide without the hassle of you going all the way to the dealership.

VW Repair, VW Service, VW DiagnosticsVW / Audi Diagnostics

Is the Check Engine light on in your VW/Audi? Why put off finding out what is keeping your VW/Audi from performing at its best – come see us today! At Tiger, we have the same computers that are used at the dealerships to perform VW/Audi diagnostics. Our AUTOLOGIC computers allow us to do the same VW/Audi diagnostics scans and checks that you would normally have to go to a dealer in order to have completed. Tiger is the only mechanic shop in St. Petersburg with computers and scanners to perform not only VW/Audi diagnostics, but also diagnostic checks on every make or model vehicle – both imports and domestic cars, trucks & SUVs.

Just for Fun

We enjoy seeing what the future holds in the automotive world. Click here to check out an SUV concept from VW.