Transmission Repair

Tiger Transmission RepairTiger is the expert in car and truck transmission repair in St. Petersburg,  and surrounding areas. We have been providing transmission repair services to the public as well as other auto repair shops for over a decade. With that many years of experience, our technicians are completely prepared to handle any kind of auto transmission repair job you might need – standard transmission repair or automatic transmission repair.

In some rare cases you might need (or want) a complete auto transmission replacement. If that’s the case, you can rest at ease with Tiger’s experienced technicians and premium parts – we will have you back on the road running smoothly ASAP!

Do You Need Transmission Repair?

If you believe that there might be an issue with your car or truck’s transmission, there is no time to waste – come in to have your vehicle inspected immediately. You can trust the technicians at Tiger to give you the truth about what’s going on with your vehicle’s transmission. Since we service all transmissions in house, we provide the most accurate estimates for auto transmission repairs that you can find in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, or Seminole.

Here are a few of the most obvious warning signs to look out for. These are key indications that you may have transmission issues.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

This one of the primary signs that your transmission needs some attention. Now some repair shops might tell you that there is some complex method of locating a leak in your transmission, but here is the simple truth… The transmission in your car or truck is a closed system, so there is only a few places from where you could be leaking fluid: the base of the filler tube, the drain hole under the transmission itself, between the transmission and the engine, between the transmission and the selector shaft, or at the speed sensor mounting. In some cases you might have a transmission cooler that could cause a problem, but not every car is equipped with that equipment.

Rough Shifting Transmission

Your vehicle should shift smoothly and easily between gears. Rough shifting, grinding or shaking are all signs of needing transmission repair. This applies to both manual transmissions or automatic transmissions.

Any time you find yourself behind the wheel of  vehicle and something just doesn’t seem right – that is the time to bring it in for us to have a look at it. Any kind of whining, humming, clunking, grinding, vibrating, or scraping sounds are signs that your car is in desperate need for help. Come in and let us take a look for you and give you a detail of what the problem is and how to best make the repair. We have been helping the people of St. Pete for years with their automotive needs, so just come on by and let us figure out what your car needs to get you safely back on the road.

Check Engine Light

It is not always the case, but the check engine light will often come on if your car or truck is having transmission issues. The technicians at Tiger can diagnose Check Engine Light error codes on any make or model vehicle. We have the same diagnostic computers that you will find at the dealership so no matter what kind of car you drive we can diagnose your Check Engine Light issues to figure out if it is your transmission or some other repair that is needed.

Do We Use Quality Parts?

Of course we do! We aren’t keeping any secrets over here either. Here are links to some of our suppliers for transmission parts so you can see for yourself what quality parts we will use to complete your transmission repair service.

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