Tiger Auto Repair Services

Conveniently located on Tyrone Blvd in St Petersburg, Tiger auto repair services are by far the smart choice in getting your car or truck serviced in St Pete. At Tiger, auto repair services are always completed here in our shop where we have a full service automotive machine shop staffed by our highly skilled mechanics and technicians.

Whether your vehicle is in need of a standard tune-up, tires, breaks,  air conditioning work or if you need major automotive repair like a complete motor rebuild, complete transmission rebuild, welding work or even rebuilding a rear end, Tiger has you covered.  We have all the tools necessary to diagnose and repair any type of auto repair service in St Petersburg on any make or model car. For a complete list of our diagnostic automotive computers, please check out our Diagnostic Tools page. These are the same computers that the dealers use to diagnose your automotive maintenance needs.

Sometimes we get asked if we specialize in any particular area of automotive repair, and standard answer is “Yes – we specialize in servicing vehicles.” And it is true too. We work on everything from work vans and pick-up trucks to family cars and vans, to muscle cars and imports.

Axle, CV Joint, and Front End Repair:

Complete repairs for Axles and CV Joints Repair as well as Front End Alignment for Front Wheel Drive (FWD), Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD) Vehicles

Battery Replacement and Installation:

Inspect and test existing battery or replace/install new battery.

Belts and Hoses:

Belt inspection and replacement, such as timing belts, serpentine belts, alternator belts, etc. Hose inspection and replacement, including vaccuum hoses, radiator and heating hoses as well as power steering, etc.

Brake Systems:

New brake inspection, installation and repairs on all makes and models.

Diesel Repairs:

Service and Repairs for Diesel Engines.

Electronic Analysis and Repair:

Analysis and repair of all electronic systems in nearly any vehicle make and model. See our Diagnotic Tools page for more details.

Engine Service, Repair or Rebuilding:

We can do a Complete Engine Rebuild or Replacement or just provide Service for the Repair and Maintenance of your Vehicle’s Engine.

Exhaust and Muffler Systems:

Inspection, repair and service or replacement of automotive exhaust systems.

Fluids, Filters, Oil Change and Lube:

Oil Change, Top off Fluids, Filter Replacement – Convenient service for Oil and Lube of your engine including preventative maintenance.

Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Systems and Repairs:

Repair, service and maintenance on 4WD vehicles.

Fuel and Fuel Injection Systems:

Clean and inspect fuel injection system. Repair and Replacement Services Availavle.

Heating and Air Conditioning System Repairs:

Heating or AC repairs, preventative maintenance, and services. Coil and Compressor Replacement and AC Sytem Re-Charges.

Lighting and Electrical:

Lighting Inspections, Repairs, and Replacement. Electrical diagnostic tests, such as Check Engine Light codes, etc and the repair / replacement of whatever sensors or parts indicated.

Manual and Automatic Transmission Repairs:

Maintenance, Service,  Repair or Rebuilding of both Automatic Transmissions and Manual Transmissions.

Multi-Point Pre-Purchase Inspections:

Why buy a used car without getting a second opinion from a qualified non-biased mechanic? Multi-Point Pre-Purchase Inspections are an inexpensive way to get a peace of mind about your used vehicle purchase.

Radiator Replacement or Repair:

Inspection, Repair or Replacement of Radiators.

Steering and Alignment:

New Suspension Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance. Our Alignment equipment is set up for damage-free servicing of low profile vehicles.

Struts and Shocks:

Struts and Shocks Inspections, Replacement and Repairs.

Tire Rotation, Tire Repair, and Tire Replacement:

Tire Inspection, Rotation, Repairs, and Replacement. Your one-stop tire shop!

Tune Ups & Preventative Maintenance:

We can perform all factory recommended maintenance services on any make and model vehicle.